A report on the creative economy in Puerto Rico

The creative economy is an issue of great interest in Puerto Rico. At a time when we discuss its importance and development potential, you need to make a snapshot of these industries to understand their dynamics and economic contribution. As part of that effort, Inversión Cultural will present the first report on "The profile of the creative economy in Puerto Rico". This will be done by a presentation on Wednesday, June 19 at the Casa de Cultura Ruth Hernández in downtown Río Piedras. The activity will be held at 7:00 pm and will feature the participation of Professor Javier Hernández Acosta, author of the report and the comments of Professor Alfredo Nieves, Associate Dean in Communications from Metropolitan University and Dr. Maria Quintero, Director of the Master in Cultural Agency and Administration at the University of Puerto Rico.

Creative industries are defined as "those activities which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have the potential to generate wealth and employment through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property".

The concept include the activities in the arts and culture and add sectors such as architecture, design and advertising. "This is a group of very large and diverse sectors. For that reason it is necessary to understand its composition to design incentives properly" says Javier Hernandez, author of the report.

"There are no generic formulas. Puerto Rico has a particular political, economic and social situation that needs to put in context when discussing the issue. "

The discussion is part of a series of activities aimed at facilitating access to information and discussion on the topic of creative industries organized by Inversión Cultural (Cultural Investment), a project to promote cultural and creative entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico.

For more information about the event and the report access www.inversioncultural.com, through 787-396-9118 or via Twitter" @inversioncultur.